From the lobby, to the corridor, to your front door, every moment spent at Nexus has been designed to spark inspiration and wellness as you live-work-play.


With three full floors of amenities culminating in a rooftop dining and lounge experience, Nexus is a vertically integrated neighborhood–offering everything from a quiet afternoon in the sun to a memorable night surrounded by family and friends.




Nexus is the first to provide an all-in-one, seamlessly integrated, home and building automation experience–one app with infinite possibilities.



  • Set the mood for the evening with fully integrated smart switches
  • Control door locks and thermostat at the touch of a button
  • Let your smart home wake you up with saved preset “scenes” as it prepares itself and you for the day
  • Send a one-time building access pass to your guests, so they can let themselves into your party
  • Pre-schedule a recurring invitation for your regular dog walker or cleaner to enter your home


  • Check the availability of gym equipment from the comfort of your own home, and book amenity spaces for your personal events
  • Receive a notification when your parcel is delivered to the smart lockers
  • Grant elevator access between floors so your neighbor can visit


  • Schedule a meetup event at the dog run with other pet-owners in the building
  • Post on the digital community board and share stories and content
  • Browse through the in-app marketplace for selling/buying and offering/sourcing services available within the Nexus community
  • Receive high-priority announcements and participate in polls & surveys from the HOA related to various building items

Art Program

Modern art is featured predominantly throughout the building's amenity spaces, including an impressive collection of original & limited edition prints by local & international artists.

  • Sean Barton
  • Heather Day
  • Electric Coffin
  • Steven John Irby
  • Ben Skinner
  • Bisco Smith