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The Burrard Group Debuts NEXUS – A New Condominium Tower Amidst a Burgeoning Multi-Billion Dollar Vertical Village in Downtown Seattle; Unit Reservations May ’16

CQ1-2016 Market Report Reveals 22% Growth in Median Home Prices as Renters Miss Millions on IRS Tax Day The Burrard…

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Seattle Waterfront

The Seattle PI Says Seattle is Among “The World’s Most ‘Future-Ready’ Cities”

In a recent article published by the Seattle PI, Daniel Demay declares “Seattle among the World’s Most ‘Future-Ready’ Cities,” according…

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NEXUS Condominium Tower Project Debuts; Garners Prominent Local Media Attention

Features in the Daily Journal of Commerce, Seattle Times, Puget Sound Business Journal, Seattle PI, King 5 News and Urbnlivn…

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Move-in Winter 2019/20