A fusion of innovative planning, iconic architecture, sustainable design, integrated technology and progressive amenity spaces, NEXUS is the evolution of urban living.

NEXUS is transformative in the Seattle skyline because it’s not just another place to live but truly a different way to live.

Blaine Weber, Principal

Weber Thompson Architects

Architecture elevation

Stacked up.

NEXUS isn’t just turning heads with its compelling architecture – it’s setting a new standard for urban living. A series of cubes offset by 8-degrees creating dynamic transition floors with unique amenities and residential terraces while a quick look inside reveals design features that are truly out of the box.

Site Area: 14,400 sq. ft.
Building Area: 548,423 sq. ft.
Building Height: 440 ft.
Residential Units: 389
Parking Stalls: 316
Amenity Area: 18,132 sq. ft.
Retail Area: 3,658 sq. ft.

Engineering Excellence

  • Designed by Weber Thompson – an award-winning architectural firm with integrated interior and landscape services credited with many of downtown Seattle’s most successful high-rise communities
  • Enviably sited, NEXUS is the first and foremost residential tower at the eastern gateway to downtown Seattle
  • Convenient vehicular access to via primary streets westbound off I-5 down Stewart Street or eastbound down Howell Street with two way streets on Minor Avenue
  • Established views benefit from a largely built-out and/or permitted developments
  • Structural sheer core design reduces number of in-unit or perimeter columns affecting space design and view panoramas
  • Dynamic retail experience with a broad sidewalk, a formal lobby, destination restaurant and coffee shop (proposed) while the above-grade garage is activated with corner-oriented residential uses
  • Inclusion of two-story Sky Lofts among each cube breaks up tower massing and suggests rotating progression
  • Market leading percentage of common amenity space to residential units
  • Dedication of penthouse level to common areas benefitting all residents
Move-in Winter 2019/20