Burrard Group Thanks RSIR for Presale Success as Team Transitions to Completion and Closings.

As NEXUS enters its final phase of construction and homebuyer move-ins, Burrard Group and Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty (RSIR) look back on a storied accomplishment—41 stories, to be exact. With 360 of 389 homes presold, Seattle’s first-and-foremost condominium high-rise enters a new era as Burrard Group prepares for delivery to its new homeowners.

“Hundreds of our purchasers are about to start the process of moving from presale buyers to proud homeowners,” said Dean Jones, President and CEO of RSIR. “We are honored to have represented Burrard out in the market over the past three years as RSIR hands the torch off to a dedicated team that Burrard has assembled to perform the closing process while leveraging their in-house marketing resources moving forward.”

Jones commends Burrard for having the foresight to build high-rise housing for individual ownership when developers were overwhelmingly building for rent. This impeccable market timing has resulted in Burrard being able to offer favorable pricing and value to its future homeowners. To be sure, the current decade will witness more than 27,000 multi-family housing units delivered in downtown Seattle, yet less than 7-percent of that supply were built for sale. NEXUS remains the only high-rise, new construction condominium offering near term delivery with occupancy expected later in 2019.

PICTURED ABOVE: Burrard Group’s Executive Vice President Christian Chan (middle left) stands with the RSIR presale team for NEXUS before closing the NEXUS Sales Center in June 2018 ahead of schedule.

“Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty has led an extraordinary effort in marketing and presales at NEXUS, and we are tremendously pleased to be 93-percent presold today,” said Christian Chan, Executive Vice President of Burrard Group. “Our Burrard Customer Care team is now taking the lead and focusing on delivering an equally extraordinary homebuyer experience as we near closings and move-ins later this year.”

PICTURED ABOVE: RSIR Brokers Denise Seavitt (right) and Joe Patterson represented new sales at NEXUS during the Spring 2019 final presales campaign.

“Our last 29 homes remain available for sale, however, we will take a more boutique approach as we near completion,” adds Chan. “We’re excited to showcase the finished product and celebrate at the grand opening alongside our homeowners, RSIR and all the other key stakeholders that made this project possible.”



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