As far as city living goes, the priorities have changed. The next generation of urban home buyers are already living in the city—possibly renting—in older buildings with dated features or in any number of commoditized condominiums. They want something new, exciting, and customized to their busy, metropolitan lifestyles. Their homes can’t just be a place for them to live but a vertical community that truly propels them. After all, in a city as progressive as Seattle, it’s about time that a building kept up with the pace of technology and the needs of the residents that call it home.

Enter, NEXUS.

Twisting, segmented cubes of glass and steel stack up to an architecturally iconic tower as a new standout in the Seattle skyline. However, inside, as a next-generation lifestyle home, NEXUS is greater than the sum of its parts. Offering optimal efficiency, higher ceilings, dynamic interior design with luxe finishes, and high-tech home automation like no other, NEXUS was introduced to Seattle’s condominium market with unparalleled quality and presale success. But developer Burrard Group didn’t stop there; they carefully considered how residents at NEXUS would live and interact with the spaces and the community. They curated what a life throughout this building would actually mean to those inside.

It’s befitting that the next evolution of the in-city home started in Seattle, the fastest-growing tech capital of America. Innovating new heights of home automation, NEXUS residences feature their own customizable app with countless features for streamlined next-gen living.

“Our mission is to create engaging places that meaningfully elevate the quality of life,” explains Billy Mainguy, Vice President of Strategy at Burrard Group. “We thoughtfully looked at the typical friction points in high-rise multi-family living and tried to solve those, such as integrating all the various technology solutions into one place. The tech that you use to book the amenities or to host a yoga class in our wellness studio is in the same place where you can get notified that you have packages or to schedule a recurring appointment with a dog walker. We wanted this to improve you daily life at NEXUS for years to come.”

This life management app weaves three central pillars of home personalization, building services, and community engagement into one ecosystem. It’s synchronized to all the high-end amenities that run throughout NEXUS, including conference rooms, media rooms, and a wellness center; and provides a market place of service providers, dry-cleaning, deliveries, community boards, and even the means to crowdfund a catered chef dinner to take place in the shared spaces with your neighbors. This is all managed through the touch of a button, a voice command, or simple gesture.

“In a way, these architectural and technological advancements in urban living are defining a new asset class of development just as Seattle enters a new decade in 2020,” remarks Dean Jones, President and CEO of RSIR. “The city’s growth is phenomenal, and the northern migration of downtown is now in clear view. NEXUS stands out like an exclamation point in the city’s most progressive neighborhood.”

Jones points to the many and varied investments reshaping the northeastern corner of the city’s high-rise zoning with NEXUS above all, front and center. Construction is underway on the $1.8 billion expansion of the Washington State Convention Center alongside new hotels, dozens of residential and commercial towers and more than 200,000 sq. ft. of retailers including an urban grocer, health club, and other residential services. There’s also the LID-5 initiative that seeks to cover portions of the interstate and once again connect downtown Seattle to Capitol Hill while providing open space. Yet remarkably, NEXUS remains the only condominium in the neighborhood offering homes for individual ownership.

PICTURED ABOVE: Washington State Convention Center Expansion

PICTURED ABOVE: The Lid I-5 Initiative

The result is a newly and perfectly curated neighborhood, built pristinely with the modern market of newcomers in mind and complete with thoughtful amenities. Aptly named NEXUS, the building is perfectly centered between other established and eclectic neighborhoods. Homeowners will take in the fine dining of downtown and Capitol Hill, while enjoying the sights and sounds of South Lake Union and the vibrant nightlife of live music and entertainment just around the corner—all within walking distance.

The social aspects of NEXUS aren’t limited to the exterior, though, as community engagement was a key ingredient in the building’s design.

“The amenity spaces are some of the most desirable areas of the building,” explains Mainguy. “They have been allocated to the creation of elevated common areas that serve all the practical, recreational, and leisure needs of the building’s homeowners.”

The Sky Club on the 41st floor provides homeowners with extensive social, business, and recreational amenities like five separate sky lounge areas, private dining, an exhibition and catering kitchen, game room, conference room, and barbecue area. The Podium Club, positioned lower on the 7th floor, provides the everyday amenities such as co-working spaces, a fitness center, dog run, dog was station, pet lounge, yoga studio, media lounge, and veranda.

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GALLERY ABOVE: Nexus Amenities

With its central position among Seattle’s trendiest neighborhoods, NEXUS also diminishes the workday commute for techies and young professionals who favor a quick walk to Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google campuses instead of long bus rides and traffic jams. And not long from now, Expedia employees will make their way to a new waterfront campus in Interbay and will likely decide to move to Seattle instead of tackle the commute.

“This is the perfect time for interested buyers to act on NEXUS,” said Denise Seavitt, the listing broker leading the closing team for NEXUS. “Our final, premier homes have been released, including the much-awaited penthouses. Purchasing now gives homebuyers plenty of time to plan ahead, ride out their lease or sell their current home, and move into their newly optimized life at NEXUS.”

Homes range from one-, two-, and three-bedroom plans (713-1,738 sq. ft.) are offered from below $1 million to more than $2.7 million.

Prospective buyers interested in the final remaining homes are encouraged to visit or make an appointment at the NEXUS Preview Center at 2715 First Avenue in Seattle.