Construction is moving full steam ahead on the highly-anticipated NEXUS Condominiun Tower, as the core of the building has reached level nine with the deck at level six. The construction crew has begun sewer work below-grade in the parking levels, and is currently in the process of roughing in the electrical and plumbing on those levels.

Above: The crew does masonry work at the NEXUS building site.

This past week, the NEXUS construction crew celebrated the building’s progress and safety week with a special barbecue serving brisket burgers cooked by Chad Mathis, the Senior Development Manager of Burrard Group.

Mathis cooks burgers for the crew as they celebrate Safety Week.

“We held a barbecue for the 80+ strong crew for safety week,” reflected Mathis. “To show our appreciation, we took the time to fresh grind brisket burgers for the crew so they always take the time to be safe. There were no leftovers.”

Above: Chad Mathis, Sr. Development Manager of Burrard Group, was thrilled to spend a day cooking for the hardworking construction crew at NEXUS.

NEXUS is scheduled for occupancy in late-2019.

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