Nexus to Begin its Skyward March by Late July 2017 with Occupancy in Mid-2019

Seattle continues to be the crane capital of the United States, which befits its ranking as the fastest-growing large city in the nation. The Seattle Times reports that 58 construction cranes were standing as of July. By the end of the month that total will be 59, as Burrard Group’s contractor, SKANSKA, adds its tower crane for NEXUS.

“Our general contractor, Skanska, continues to make progress and is nearing completion of excavation when we will turn our efforts skyward and start building up,” said Chad Mathis, Sr. Development Manager with Burrard Group.  “Today is an exciting day as the construction team began assembling the first components of the tower crane, which will begin our vertical development and the unique contribution of NEXUS to the Seattle skyline.”

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