On March 31st, Curbed reporter Sarah Anne Lloyd responded to a tweet by Seattle in Progress stating the Denny Triangle neighborhood could see an additional 10,000 housing units added to its current supply of 8,000 homes, more than doubling the residential population.

“It’s going to be a very different experience in a few years,” said Michael Cannon, Sales Director for NEXUS. “I’ve experienced similar development booms in Vancouver, BC and San Diego, CA – it really doesn’t come as any surprise to me that Seattle was next to witness this kind of density, especially considering the levels of job creation and lifestyle being offered.”

Cannon notes that Denny Way will soon have 440-foot towers on both sides of the street.

“It’s going to look more like Madison Avenue in New York City and offer a similar metropolitan lifestyle,” he added. “Much of this will take shape by 2020.” The only condo project approved in the area is Nexus, a high-rise scheduled for completion in 2019.

While that’s an extraordinary amount of housing, it’s effectively all slated for rent with NEXUS Condominiums being the only scheduled project with inventory for sale.

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