On June 4th at 11am, representatives from Burrard Group, the developer of NEXUS will begin accepting reservations for priority presales. A best practice is to preview the floor plans with price guidance as provided on the website www.NEXUSreservation.com. Prospective buyers that submit their RSVP (including preferred home selection) may attend advance viewings of the Preview Center and the NEXUS Sales Team will be able to help guide you towards similar floor plans and price ranges.

NEXUS Reservations

Above & Below: A prospective buyer preview NEXUS, reviewing floor plans, interior design inspiration and price guidance. A final price range will be provided on June 4th when reservations commence.


The Preview Center is located at 2715 1st Avenue in downtown Seattle. The doors will open at 11am admitting a limited number of guests at a time in order to provide the best possible experience for our prospective homebuyers. It is possible that some guests may arrive early for best selection and Burrard Group will be providing some hospitality services.

The Preview Center is not a formal sales center environment, however there are helpful exhibits such as a context model, preliminary floor plans, sample views and other interior design inspiration booklets to help provide a sense the proposed development. Please note that reservations are generally considered a convenience for consumers and real estate brokers as it helps to organize the interest in the priority it arrives. A comprehensive Sales Center is in planning stages and will open by Fall 2016 commensurate with the groundbreaking of NEXUS and the conversion of reservations to Purchase and Sale Agreements.

The Burrard Group intends to release the entire building for reservations but also reserves the right to withhold some inventory, accelerate or change the reservation process and the product offering without notice. For the most current information on available inventory and price ranges, please contact Michael Cannon at 206.801.9220 or email Michael@NEXUSseattle.com.

The NEXUS team will consist of numerous representatives staffed by Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty, including reservation signers and buyer’s agents. These representatives will be identified by name tags and will be able to answer your questions about NEXUS as well as accept your reservation.

In the event that your preferred home selection already has a reservation, you are welcome to submit a second position interest but it’s recommended that you also make a first position reservation on an alternative home.

Representatives of Caliber Home Loans, the preferred lender for NEXUS will be onsite during the Reservation Weekend Event and you are encouraged to connect with either Carese Busby or Nancy Glover to begin your prequalification process. Per the Reservation Agreement, you are required to commence with an application to Caliber Home Loans within two business days of the mutual acceptance of the Reservation Agreement. The parties must use best efforts to confirm the prequalification from Caliber Home Loans within 30 calendar days of mutual acceptance to complete the reservation. In the event that prequalification is not completed, the reservation will be cancelled and the reservation deposit will be refunded.

Carese Busby & Nancy Glover of Caliber Home Loans


If you are not able to attend the Reservation Event in person and would like to work through a surrogate representative or a licensed real estate broker to complete your paperwork, please ensure that you have completed a Power of Attorney to act upon your behalf, which will include home selection and signing the Reservation Agreement. A Reservation Agreement will not be submitted unless the documents are signed by the homebuyer (or the authorized Power of Attorney) and the refundable reservation deposit of $5,000 is provided. Unit reservations are not assignable. Please make the check payable to First American Title Insurance Company with reference to NEXUS Condominium.

For more information on the reservation process, please visit www.NEXUSreservation.com

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Watch for an article in The Seattle Times this Saturday, June 4th – for a preview visit here >>

The excitement is building!