Seattle’s Population is Growing, Increases by 2.24%, or 15,344 residents, from 2014 to 2015.

According to recent findings published by the U.S. Census Bureau and local media attention following the release, the city of Seattle has cemented itself as one of the fastest growing big cities in the nation.

The Seattle Times describes in “U.S. Census: Seattle now fourth for growth among 50 biggest U.S. cities,” that while the headline and description of growth may feel “like a rerun” given recent history, the media frenzy is in response to a new set of numbers. As Gene Balk explains, “Seattle, for the third consecutive year, is among the Top 5 big cities for population growth” with a population increase just over 15,000 people. The spike in residents means that “Seattle now ranks as the 18th most-populous city in the United States, up from 20th in 2014.”

While other cities within King County grew at much slower paces, “Seattle grew 66 percent faster than surrounding King County,” for the fourth year in a row. There is one difference, however, as “Seattle is not King County’s fastest-growing city anymore.” Seattle now ranks second only to Bellevue, which “grew by an impressive 2.4 percent.”

“Recent growth reports and Census Data reveal the way in which NEXUS is perfectly positioned within the emerging ‘East Village’ neighborhood in Seattle,” said Dean Jones, CEO & President of Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty. “As technology jobs draw more new residents to the area, they will benefit from the in-city living option NEXUS will uniquely provide.”

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